Beautiful things happen when you choose to love yourself. Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

here are links to all sorts of helpful things that i have found and i hope you check it out. these are posted on my blog under the *distractions* link and is updated continually. if you have any websites that should be added, send me an ask! remember that i love you and i am always here!
having an anxiety attack?
calming background noise
do nothing and calm down
quietly calm down(quiet place)
90 second relaxation exercise
anxiety attack tips
Need distractions?
 paint a nebula 
make a painting
cut paper, not your skin (trigger warning: blood)
 the color game 
 100 things to do
 build stuff with sand
zen garden
Self Injury Recovery Masterpost
99 Coping Skills: Things to do Instead of Cutting
Warning Signs
Suicide Hotlines
Suicide Hotline (Text Chat)
How To Tell Tumblr That A User Is Threatening Suicide
What To Do If Your Friend Is Talking About Suicide
How To Help Someone Who Is Suicidal
What To Tell Someone Who Is Suicidal
AgainstSuicide on Twitter
Suicide Prevention
”It Gets Better” Video
Video To Anyone Thinking About Kill Themselves 
Reasons To Stay Alive (x x x)
Depressed?if you need a hug
get stuff off your chest
words you need to hear
How To Be Okay With Yourself
Eating Disorders
bloating in recovery
 why you must eat 
 what is ED recovery?
 learning to love your body
 how to eat a fear food 
helping someone with an eating disorder
 281 reasons to recover 
30 Day Self Esteem Challenge
Need advice?anonymous comfort
talk to me
DBT self soothing techniques
PTSD Forum: Self Care
ED Recovery: Self Soothing Techniques
telling people how you’re feeling 
how do i tell someone when im afraid?
  how to ask for help
Just need a pick-me-up?the dreams room
27 videos that will make you happy
random acts of kindness caught on film
Here is a live kitten feed
Here is a live puppy feed
Here is a live penguin feed
Here is a live sea otter feed
Here is a live panda feed
for the girls who are starving
for the suicidal 
for the survivors of rape or abuse
for anyone who thinks they are worthless 
for the kids who cry themselves to sleep
for the self harmers 

Law, hummus and a green smoothie 👌